1. Prepare and maintain the company’s general ledger and subsidiary ledger with , and to record timely and accurately the company’s accounts;
2. Submit internal report for financial management and production operation statistics;
3. Bookkeeping, cost accounting and fixed assets management;
4. Audit various accounting vouchers, assist Accounting Supervisor in budget control;
5. Reimbursement, annual inspection and coordination of Industrial and Commercial Tax Authorities.

1. College degree or above, majored in accounting or equivalent, holder of accounting certification;
2. At least 4 years project finance and accounting experience in construction or fitting out industry;
3. Familiar with financial statement, accounting and tax regulations; proficient in financial software;
4. Good learning skills, can work independently and with financial analytical capability;
5. Attend to details, strong responsibility, good communication skills and team player;
6. Only for Beijing registered residence.

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