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  Pre-lease Services
Greenspace provides project services at the outset of initial project stage.
Existing workspace auditing – current way of working, supporting function and utilities.
New workspace analysis – current and projected headcount, ways to improve efficiency and to increase productivity.
Comprehensive building assessment – comparing different building floor plates and technical performance to assist client in selection of best match new office space.
    Custom Services
Greenspace customer services serves to understand our client’s corporate and personal needs. Our services aim at assisting our client to accomplish project assignment trouble free, while allowing their time to focus on key decision issues, their routine works and duties.
Post occupancy maintenance services start when the site is handovered. During warranty period, our maintenance service team offers routine checks on the fitting out and mechanical installation, a hotline service center answer services call committing on response within 24 hours.
We extend our services to corporate facilities management, with which we can offer a comprehensive facilities services to our corporate client.
  Design and Planning
Greenspace conceptual and schematic designers create unique design identity to each of our client.
Strategic planning offers a systematic approach on increasing workspace efficiency and productivity.
The 3D design team generates virtual interior modeling assisting client to visualize and understand the design.
Our tasks include providing sustainable design solution to meet LEED and other international environmental standards.
    Engineering Design
Greenspace Mechanical and Electrical engineering team provides range of technical services including HVAC, electrical, fire services, plumbing and drainage from modification of existing building services to designing completely new base building MEP systems.
Our IT and technology engineers build server room and mission critical facilities including new IT infrastructure, telecommunication, security and access control system.

Design Service Project Management Construction Management Green Construction
  Dedicated Design Team with interior and engineering designers, from pre-lease planning to concept design, from design management to development
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A single-contact project manager service accompany with engineering, project submission, estimation and procurement expertise to assure time, cost and quality delivery
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Our procedural site construction management, quality control and inspection schemes tight all our dedicated project resources to delivery client’s expectation
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LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Created by USGBC
CGBL - China 3 Stars Green Building Label
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